THE ROLE OF FREEMASONRY AND THE FREEMASON INDIVIDUALLY IN SOCIETY                                                  

The challenges and changes in the global environment in which we live in, make instability the norm rather than the exception. Armed conflicts, violation of fundamental rights, deficiencies in basic issues such as health, food and education, present scenarios for which the Mason is generally not prepared to understand it, much less play a role in solving them.

it is absolute relevant that free masons understand what their participation in the issues and problems facing society worldwide should be:

  • Armed conflicts.
  • Violation of fundamental HR.
  • Deficiencies in basic issues such as health, food and education, among others.
  • Educational distortions, lack of principles and moral and civic values.

Masonic education can contribute to forming people who live in society with respect, tolerance, participation and freedom.  Masonic education can also redefine and increase civic values to achieve a more democratic society with greater social cohesion and more respect towards fundamental rights and freedoms.



Freemasonry, through a reasoned and critical study of moral philosophy, constitutes a guide to individual perfection to obtain a better knowledge of the virtues and their best practice, stimulating free exhibition, illustrated discussion, imagination, Freedom of thought, and deep meditation to reach their own conclusions and convictions.

The everyday problems of life can not be approached without a transcendental perspective. Masonic rather than theoretical approaches have a practical and pragmatic purpose, applicable to the daily life of the individual.

The Mason seeks to survive trying to know the laws that govern it, mastering and recreating its own reality, propitiating a new environment in its environment.


ATTITUDE OF THE MASÓN IN THE FACE OF THE VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS                                                 

Our perception of what is happening around us and globally today is so immediate and overwhelming that it does not affect us as we might think to assume a position and act.

News from the press and social media are not optimistic at all. Violations of human rights, aggression against the environment, lack of sensitivity to the misfortunes suffered by human beings under situations of armed conflict or totalitarian regimes, flood us daily.

On the other hand, let us meditate on how often we address these issues in the Masonic sphere and what actions derive from this personal awareness. How do we act?


MASONIC ACTION AGAINST INEQUITY                                                                                                                                 

Freemasonry has historically been a tool for social change. Faced with the evolution of society in the 21st century, masonry remains an ideal tool for analyzing the social, economic and cultural problems of today’s society.

Masonic ethics and morality project the Mason, with his humanist sense, towards perfection with absolute freedom of conscience. We can make the rationality of man conduct us to preserve the values of justice by restoring natural balance through equity.